Ridgecrest Hotel Dining
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Dining near Rodeway Inn and Suites Heritage

Whether you’re looking for Ridgecrest hotels near China Lake Center or China Lake per diem hotels, you can be sure to have a great experience at our hotel. And you’ll find excellent restaurants nearby. Your morning meal is taken care of because we provide a free made-to-order breakfast. Around Ridgecrest, you may choose to visit top-rated Casey’s Steaks and Barbecue or the formidable French restaurant Mon Rev. But don’t worry. There are more affordable and closer choices, as you can see on this page. For an affordable hotel experience with affordable food nearby, we’re here for you at Rodeway Inn and Suites Heritage, your best-price choice in Ridgecrest, California.

Ridgecrest, CA dining offers an extraordinary variety of options in nearly every flavor imaginable. Whether you have a craving for exotic ethnic dishes, mouthwatering steaks, or a five-star gourmet meal, You’ll find plenty of restaurants throughout the area, such as Fireside Cafe & Dinner House Bar & Grill, Ale's Steakhouse & Bar, Golden Dragon, Grape Leaf, Casa Corona and fast-food chains like Del Taco and Pizza Hut. Wonderfully convenient to the city's many neighborhoods, our unbeatable location near Ridgecrest offers the ultimate access to the best dining destinations in California. We also serve a complimentary breakfast buffet every morning to all of our guests that features hot items like waffles and eggs plus fresh fruit, juices, and freshly brewed coffee.

Neighborhood Eateries

  • Casey's Steaks & Barbeque - .92 km away
  • Xin Bowl Asian Bistro - .77 km away
  • Saigon Flavor Restaurant - .84 km away
  • The Grape Leaf - .33 km away